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Company Recalls Gummy Vitamins Over Salmonella Concerns

Many food and drug products that are recalled over contamination risks are common household items, and they are often used regularly. But some products are often considered safe, and people continue using them regularly without ever thinking about checking them for potential recalls.

The latest food, drug recall announced with the help of the US Food and Drug Administration impacts dietary supplements many of us have in our homes: Gummy vitamins.

That’s right! That bottle of gummy vitamins you take some capsules from daily may have just been recalled.

According to the many reports, the company behind this product, Pharmavite, launched the recall campaign over possible Salmonella and staph infection risks. Recalled units include adult gummy vitamins and acid tablets.

Since these products were sold nationwide at popular retailers without the benefit of proper testing, are being recalled because they could expose consumers to health risks. The FDA has announced that Pharmavite is working closely with the FDA in order to implement the recall in a uniform fashion, hitting all impacted retailers as soon possible in order to keep consumers from falling ill due to exposure to bacteria.

Consumers who are exposed to Salmonella may experience a series of infections that could even turn out to be fatal. Healthy consumers who are exposed to the bacteria often experience fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, but consumers with weak or compromised immune systems may experience changes in blood pressure and pulse rate, as well as other serious reactions.

Consumers with the recalled products, or who believe they may have the recalled products in their possession, are being urged contact Pharmavite to learn more about the recall announcement. You may return the recalled products to retailers for a full refund if you are sure the gummy bear vitamins you have in your possession have been impacted.

For more information on this recall, follow this link.

Whenever a product you use regularly is recalled, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to have the product returned or replaced immediately.

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