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Coast Guard Members Save Man After Fiery Seattle Accident

A man involved in an accident in Seattle was rescued by Coast Guard members Friday, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) reported on its website. The officers were on their way back to Coast Guard Base Seattle after a lunch break when they saw that two vehicles had collided.

Noticing the dark smoke and smell of fuel, the officers parked their car and ran to the scene of the accident.

Noticing a man was trapped inside of one of the vehicles, they asked bystanders for a tool they could use to break the car window.

“I knew I needed to get this guy out of there,” Petty Officer First Class Erik White said. After reaching the inside of the vehicle, White and Petty Officer First Class William Collins removed the victim from the vehicle. It was thanks to their quick thinking that the victim was promptly rescued and then transferred to medics when emergency personnel arrived at the scene.

“We think it’s our duty both on and off the water to assist our fellow citizens,” Collins told reporters.

Traffic Collisions On The Rise In Seattle And All Through Washington

As we learn that the bravery of the Coast Guard members made the difference in the life of this auto accident victim in Seattle, we’re reminded that the number of traffic accidents in the city of Seattle continues to rise.

In 2022, officials registered 600 fatal traffic accidents in Washington by the end of October. This was a 9% increase over a three-year average. By the end of 2022, officials said in a more recent statement, the number of deadly traffic accidents had risen to 745, the most since 1990.

Officials say that two of the main factors behind the increase in deadly traffic accidents are impairment and speed.

If you are a Seattle resident and worry about the increase in accidents across the state, help to prevent collisions by following traffic rules. Stay safe.

For more on the Friday accident in Seattle, follow this link.

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