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After Incidents, Toys “R” Us Recalls Children’s Wiggle Balls

Every now and then, a product liability incident is reported. What consumers don’t often realize is that those types of incidents are more common than we might think. And, unfortunately, they are often associated with products designed for children.

The latest product recall associated with incidents was launched by Toys “R” Us.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced that Bruin infant wiggle ball toys are being recalled after six reports of incidents were registered with the company. In at least four of these incidents, pieces of the toys were found in the child’s mouths.

According to official reports, the wiggle ball’s rubber knobs along its plastic backs may detach while the ball is being used. As a result, small pieces may be exposed to the child who may try to ingest them.

The recalled products are the Bruin Infant Wiggle Ball toys and they are often referred to giggle balls. The impacted units wiggle and vibrate, they also play different songs. Recalled toys require batteries to operate and they come with the model number 5F6342E. The Toys “R” Us can also be found on the recalled units.

Parents are being urged to take the balls away from their children immediately.

You should have the recalled balls returned to a Toys “R” Us store so they may receive a full refund in exchange.

While no serious injuries have been associated with these recalled toys, at least four children were exposed to serious injury risks because the toy’s parts came detached. And that’s why parents should be concerned for their children if these products remain in use.

If you have one of the Bruin Wiggle Ball toys in your possession, stop using them and do not let your child use them either. Have them returned to a Toys “R” Us store for a full refund.

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