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Child Injured in Distracted Driving Crash

Distractions often lead to accidents that are absolutely preventable. Unfortunately, drivers are often slow to understand the risks and act accordingly.

Distracted motorists are more likely to be involved in accidents because they are not aware of the world surrounding them. But also, distracted drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes because they take longer to respond to emergencies. All too often, distracted drivers risk not only their lives, but the lives of others. But if a driver is responsible, he or she will also be aware of these problems, which will prompt them to act accordingly, focusing on the road at all times.

An accident that happened recently has reminded us of the serious risks associated with distracted driving and how the practice can put some of the most vulnerable among us in danger.

According to a series of news reports, a child was hit by an SUV while getting off a school bus.

The school bus was stopped with the flashing stop sign extended and lights flashing. School buses do that to allow students to leave the bus and cross the street safely. Unfortunately, a 26-year-old driver behind the wheel of a Nissan SUV was distracted, attempting to pick up a pair of glasses. As a result of her distraction, she failed to stop for the school bus despite the warning signs. As a result, the 6-year-old cross the street was hit. After the accident, police responded to the scene, finding the boy responsive. He was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Local police officers are investigating the accident, but the driver was cited for failure to stop for a school bus.

While this accident did not result in tragic consequences, the ramifications could have been even more damaging. We are glad and hope that the child is experiencing a quick recovery, but we also urge other drivers to avoid making the same mistakes.

Stay alert to the road ahead and the environment surrounding you and leave any extra activity to be accomplished when you’re not driving. If you need to reach out to an object, a child or a pet in the back seat, or if you need to answer your phone, pull over safely before you’re able to do so. Safety should be your first priority as a driver. And unfortunately, distracted driving has been a factor commonly associated with accidents.

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