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Child Suffers Skull Fractures In Family Dog Bite Incident

After she was bitten by a family dog, a young girl was taken to the hospital. The victim was playing with the animal while under the supervision of her mother. No other individuals were injured.

The 16-month-old girl suffered two skull fractures and multiple puncture wounds. After the initial shock, the child is now recovering. Thankfully, the injuries were not life-threatening.

The chocolate labrador dog involved in the dog attack had been adopted by the family two months before the incident. According to local officials, the animal never showed any aggressive behavior.

The victim’s mother said the animal did not appear to be attacking the child. Instead, the pet was playing. Still, the incident prompted the mother to call for help immediately. A neighbor who heard her came to her rescue.

The child will make a full recovery, officials say.

Family Dog Bite Incidents Are Common

Many of the dog bite incidents reported yearly happen at home. Where victims are familiar with the animals.

These incidents can happen with anyone. That’s why you must socialize and properly train your pet. In any case, keeping an eye out for the signs that a dog is becoming aggressive is important.

Also, never take the animal out without a leash.

Pets can become aggressive or irritated if they feel cornered or threatened. They might try to attack a bystander if not on a leash.

If you would like to learn how to spot signs that your pet is becoming irritated or aggressive, watch the video below.

As personal injury attorneys, we have handled several dog bite incidents in Washington. We want our readers to know that there’s a lot they can do to avoid this type of incidents. But if you’re the victim in a an incident involving someone else’s pet, seek the attention of a doctor as soon as possible.

Contact an attorney for a full evaluation of your case.

For more details on this Florida dog bite incident, follow this link.

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