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Child Crying Off Highway Leads Authorities To Injured Mom In Wrecked Car

A child was crying on the side of a highway in Puyallup, Washington. The busy highway seemed like a very unlikely place for a young girl to be simply standing there alone. But thanks to her courage, the authorities were able to find the place where a hit-and-run accident took place.

The accident happened on Highway 512, reports show. According to the Washington State Patrol, authorities started getting 911 calls reporting that they had seen a small girl, aged 5 or 6, off to the side of the road. One caller called to say he had seen tire marks leading off the highway as well.

As troopers responded to these calls and arrived at the scene, they found the child crying. She was alone, and she told them that she was worried her mom was not doing well.

Troopers then found two vehicles off the road, a Lincoln Navigator and a Honda Civic. The girl’s 35-year-old mother was inside the Navigator, sustaining serious injuries. She was rushed to the hospital to have internal bleeding treated. She also had broken her legs and ribs. After the accident, the child’s mom was listed in critical condition but officials expect her to recover.

The child thankfully wasn’t injured as a result of the accident but showed bravery, troopers said. It’s because she left the car, officials told reporters later, that others were able to spot her there. Perhaps troopers wouldn’t have made it to the car in time to save her mom if she hadn’t stepped outside.

The other car found at the scene belongs to the second driver involved in the crash who left the scene. According to the preliminary investigation, the Civic driver is the one who caused the accident. However, officials are still looking for the motorist. Anyone who may have witnessed anything or who may know of his or her whereabouts should contact the authorities immediately.

Despite the fact that the WSP is still looking for the second driver involved in the accident, we’re glad to know that the child was found safe and that emergency crews were able to help the child’s mother to get to a hospital so she wouldn’t succumb to her injuries.

These accidents can be serious and even deadly. Drivers should be particularly alert and focused at all times to avoid this time of collision and must remember that no matter what the circumstances, it’s worse for you if you flee the scene of the accident. Stay, call authorities, and stay put until they arrive.

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