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Central Washington Residents Told To Evacuate Over Soap Lake Wildfire

Central Washington residents are suffering due to a wildfire that broke out. The fire is located near Soap Lake in Grant County. This is the third wildfire in the region in two weeks.

Residents were promptly told to evacuate. Homes on the east side of State Route 17 North between milepost 91 south to Soap Lake city were at risk. Officials went to the area to alert residents about the Level 3 evacuation notice immediately. The notice is still in effect. Families must leave with their children. Anyone with pets should also make sure animals are riding along. Leaving anyone behind could increase risk of injury.

State Officials Mobilized Firefighters Promptly After Wildfire Was Reported

After the fire was first reported, state fire assistance was mobilized. This measure is part of the Washington State Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan. As the fire burned, covering an estimated 2000 acres, officials said that homes, power infrastructure, and homes were all at risk.

Officials did not immediately report on what caused the fire. Officials contained 50 percent of the fire.

Washington residents who are at risk should not think twice. When your home is located in an area that is being threatened by wildfires, heed officials’ recommendations. It can save your life. That’s why staying alert and on top of reports involving wildfires is essential. Especially during summer.

We hope that locals have all evacuated safely.

We urge officials to investigate what caused the fire in the first place. Many of these wildfires begin with arson. But others start because of electrical issues.

Knowing what sparked it can help victims and their loved ones.

It can also aid officials. After all, they can use past examples of fires caused by electrical hazards to recommend new regulation. That can help prevent similar incidents.

For more on this fire, follow this link.

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