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Over 30 Percent Of Recalled Cars Don’t Get Fixed

Car safety is a serious subject and yet, many car owners won’t give it enough thought. Unfortunately, the rate of recalls impacting cars in America has been increasing at a fast pace but drivers remain oblivious, unaware that the longer they wait to have their vehicles repaired, the more likely it is that an accident may take place.

In some cases, recalls are launched because of injury risks that arise over problems regarding safety equipment failure. Because these issues are serious and they impact consumers who could be injured in the event of accidents, many safety advocates often urge car owners and their families to act promptly. And still, a recent survey has found, at least 30 percent of all recalled vehicles remain unrepaired.

Last year, reports show, more than 53 million cars roaming the streets in America were recalled for some reason.

With the numbers of recalls growing each year, it’s still difficult to see car owners rushing to have their recalled cars repaired.

According to an Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers’ national survey, only 64 percent of car owners who received a recall notice in the mail in the last two years had had their vehicles repaired. Of those who received a notice, 31 percent planned on getting their cars repaired and 5 percent said they were not going to get their cars fixed.

While car owners whose vehicles were recalled for serious issues are more likely to have their cars repaired promptly, many car owners are still not good about having their vehicles repaired as soon as they learn of the recall.

Considering that a great amount of cars have been recalled for air bag failures, it’s important that our readers keep track of recalls by following our blog or by simply checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website.

Never ignore a recall that impacts your vehicle as accidents or injuries may arise as a result. Staying focused and avoiding accidents means that you also always keep your car well maintained.

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