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WSP: Cars Collide On Vernita Bridge, Speed To Blame

Washington law enforcement continues to respond promptly and effectively in cases of car accidents, and it’s because these occurrences are serious and could result in deadly injuries that we as drivers must drive safely. Not only are we putting the lives of first responders in danger by forcing them to respond to collisions that sometimes happen in the middle of busy roads, we’re also endangering the lives of responsible drivers and their passengers by ignoring simple road rules.

The latest car accident to have been reported by the Washington State Patrol happened on the Vernita Bridge. Traffic was tied up after the collision.

Reports show that the 30-year-old was traveling west across the bridge on Highway 24 when he suddenly lost control of the vehicle. As a result, he allowed the vehicle to cross the center line, slamming into a Toyota Tundra pickup.

While both of the drivers involved in the car accident weren’t injured, two passengers were sent to the hospital for treatment. According to the reports, the first driver lost control of his vehicle because he was going too fast for the conditions. Officials cited him for it and for driving without a license.

Drivers should learn from this man’s mistakes as speeding is a danger whether it happens when the conditions are bad or not.

Following road rules and respecting speed limits will help to avoid accidents at all times as drivers aren’t as likely to lose control of their vehicles and are more likely to be able to stop on time to avoid accidents if they are not going too fast.

Like speeding, cars are more likely to collide if drivers are distracted.

With distractions, drivers are not likely to act fast in order to avoid accidents if other vehicles or hurdles become a problem. If drivers are serious about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, they will do all in their power not to become distracted. They will also follow road rules to avoid speeding.

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