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‘Careless Driver’ to Blame in Deadly Motorcycle Crash

Distracted driving comes in many shapes. Too often, however, officers aren’t able to report on an accident caused by distraction simply because drivers are not quick to admit they had been too distracted at the time of the crash. While this reality makes it hard for US authorities to safely assess just how bad the distracted driving issue is in the country, the same goes for other countries.

According to a series of news reports, an accident that took place in the United Kingdom in 2014 involving a motorcycle rider and a driver is making international news again because of the conditions prior to the deadly collision.

Reports show that a 74-year-old motorcycle rider was thrown off his bike after being stricken by a vehicle, which caused him to cartwheel through the air as a result of the impact before falling to the ground, which prompted him to suffer major injuries. The motorcycle rider had been riding the BMW R1100S along Marsh Lane in Headington when a vehicle driven by a 36-year-old pulled out of his lane and into the rider’s path. According to witnesses, the motorcyclist had no time to react to the unexpected move. While the rider was helped promptly and rushed to the hospital, he later died as a result of his wounds.

According to the prosecutors in this case, the driver was careless when he carried out the turn without checking for other vehicles first. As many critics of the driver’s behavior start making heir voices heard, it’s important to keep in mind that, whether the man is to blame or not, this type of careless driving is why so many new vehicles are fitted with semi-autonomous features that will keep you from changing lanes when it’s unsafe to do so.

While this motorcycle accident took place many years ago, it’s important for us to always  remind our readers about the risks associated with careless, distracted driving.

If you’re not focused on the road ahead and your surroundings, accidents are more likely to happen. Especially when sharing the road with more vulnerable subjects such as motorcycles or bikes. Stay focused, look before changing lanes, and avoid being distracted by electronics or other activities while behind the wheel to make sure that accidents like the deadly collision involving the elderly motorcyclist are prevented.

For more information on the driver’s trial and the accident, follow this link.

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