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Car Slams Into Seattle Crowd During Illegal ‘Doughnut’ Spin Demonstration

During an illegal “doughnut” spin demonstration this past Saturday, a Seattle driver slammed into a group of people in a crowd near the Space Needle before hitting another car. While about 150 people were watching, news outlets claimed, officials did not immediately announce how many were injured. 

During the demonstration, the driver seemed to be hanging out the window, making the illegal spin even more dangerous to himself and others. 

Officials said that a second car that followed also hit a bystander. 

On Twitter, reporters shared videos of the incident.

Once the police arrived at the scene, the crowd began to scatter. It wasn’t clear whether officials arrested anyone in connection with the illegal “doughnut” demonstration. 

Seattle Drivers: Doing ‘Doughnuts’ Causes Accidents (It’s Also Against The Law!)

In Washington state, reckless driving is a gross misdemeanor which carries a fine of up to $5,000 and may lead to a jail term up to 365 days. Your license is also suspended for 30 days upon conviction. 

Under Washington law doing “doughnuts” can lead to $538 fines. Drivers found guilty can also be charged with 2nd degree negligent driving

The law states that a driver who operates his or her  motor vehicle in a way that can cause danger to individuals or property is committing a negligent act. When drivers are negligent, innocent people suffer. In serious cases, victims even lose their lives as a result.

While the incident near the Space Needle did not appear to result in serious or deadly injuries, things could have turned out tragic if drivers were allowed to continue. If Seattle drivers want to be part of the solution, driving safely to avoid injury, they must always avoid negligent driving. 

For more on the drivers involved in this incident and what officials had to say about it, follow this link for the full report.

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