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Company Launches Recall After Car Owners Complained About Injuries

There are at least two important auto recalls our readers should not ignore. They come from Kia and Audi.

The first comes from Kia. According to the company, about 100,000 vehicles are being recalled over injury risks.

The power-sliding doors in the 2015 through 2018 Kia Sedona minivans may not stop moving when they hit an obstruction. Since this may happen during closing, injuries may ensue.

After several consumers complained about the doors, the company was able to identify the issue. Out of the 21 customer complaints, at least 14 resulted in injuries. The company confirmed only two of these incidents. However, we are not sure how serious they were.

Impacted vehicle owners must not ignore this recall. Schedule a visit to a dealer as soon as Kia contacts you. The power-door control modules should be reprogrammed for free.

Yet Another Recall Involving Air Bag Issues

According to a series of news reports, Audi has also launched a recall recently. Impacted vehicles come with seat-mounted head/thorax air bags designed to protect front passengers. Unfortunately, they were not folded correctly during installation.

If an accident happens and the air bag does not deploy correctly, the occupant will be vulnerable. This will lead to injuries.

Impacted units include the 2018 Audi S5 Cabriolet vehicles. The company did not immediately report any incidents involving the recalled cars.

The company will begin contacting individuals with the recalled vehicles after July 13. Audi will replace all impacted front passenger seat-mounted air bags for free.

Whether you were impacted by the Kia or the Audi recall, stay alert. Do not wait too long to have your vehicle repaired. Issues could lead to injuries. Ignoring open recalls leaves you and loved ones vulnerable.

Reach out to the manufacturers if you have further concerns. Do not wait until an accident happens.

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