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Car Crash Risk Tied to Latest Volkswagen Recalls

The German automaker Volkswagen Group of America has launched at least two recall campaigns that impact thousands of vehicles across the country. While these campaigns haven’t been tied to any auto accidents or injury crashes, consumers are urged to stay alert. In order to avoid being exposed to crash and injury risks tied to auto accidents caused by equipment failure, consumers must also stay alert to auto recalls.

The first campaign announcement published by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that at least 5,561 e-Golf vehicles of the 2015 and 2016 year makes have been recalled across the country.

These vehicles have been fitted with high-voltage battery management systems that may misread electrical surges due to an oversensitive diagnostics feature. If that occurs, the electric drive motor in the vehicles will shut down unexpectedly. This issue could lead to a vehicle shutdown, which will increase the risk of a crash.

Volkswagen has already begun contacting impacted vehicle owners, but if you have one of the recalled vehicles and you have not been contacted yet, contact Volkswagen directly to ask more details about the campaign and how you should proceed to have your vehicle fixed immediately.

The second recall campaign to be launched by Volkswagen and publicized by the NHTSA involves all units of the 2011 through 2016 Touareg vehicles. This means that at least 46,000 units of these vehicles have been recalled nationwide.

The potentially defective vehicles come with brake pedal pivot pins that may have not been fitted with essential circlips. If that’s the case, the pivot pin may move while in use, and the brake pedal will dislodge as a result.

Volkswagen has reported that dealers will have the brake pedal assemblies inspected entirely for free. If the parts are indeed missing, the company will install the missing circlips also entirely for free.

Consumers who are concerned about this recall and would like to learn more about the campaign and how to have their vehicle fixed should contact Volkswagen as soon as possible to learn more.

Do not wait until someone has been injured for you to act.

While neither recall was tied to any auto crashes recently, consumers are urged to stay alert.

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