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Can The Autonomous Car Tech Make Traffic Lights Obsolete?

The autonomous car technology could revolutionize how Americans travel. But could it also change how safety features such as traffic lights operate?

According to some experts, the widespread use of driverless car technology could soon make traffic lights obsolete. Perhaps, because the use of the technology would make it easy for drivers to completely ignore road rules altogether. After all, the car’s computer would be doing all the work. In addition, experts say, driverless cars would use 19 to 22 percent less fuel. That makes traffic less damaging to the environment.

Working along automated vehicle technology, the car-to-car communication system could also make traffic lights a thing of the past.

Experts say that as technology makes cars both communicate with one another and adjust to driving conditions without the driver’s input, accident rates would lower considerably.

But despite the potential for making traffic safer, the autonomous car technology has yet a lot to develop before it’s ready for mass use. In addition, there might be many drivers who are not at all comfortable with the system driving on their behalf.

Traffic Accidents: Will Autonomous Carmakers Be Held Liable?

One of the issues that regulators will have to resolve before autonomous car technology becomes widely popular is liability. If an accident happens with a self-driving car, regulators will have to look into whether the driver will be considered liable. This will be an important aspect that the safety technology will not be able to solve alone.

Hopefully, the autonomous car system will be successful in making traffic lights obsolete. But most importantly, we hope it will make roads and cars safer, so fewer accidents take place.

For more on what some experts are saying about how driverless car technology can make roads safer for everybody, you should follow this link to read the full article.

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