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WSP: Bus Accident Was Caused By Driver Under The Influence

Officials have reported that a man from Sedro-Woolley may face felony charges after he crashed into a bus, causing an accident that injured seven people.

This report matters to us because of how dangerous bus accidents can be. It goes to show that when we are not responsible drivers, we can out several lives in great danger.

The accident happened on Tuesday evening and according to the Washington State Patrol, at least five of the people who were injured were teens.

The 47-year-old driver was allegedly under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he allowed his vehicle to run a stop sign in the evening. As a result, the vehicle then crashed into a transport bus from the Concrete School District that was carrying members of the school’s wrestling team. The high schoolers went to the hospital to be checked.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.

While we are grateful that children were not seriously injured in this accident, we hope that other drivers will learn from this serious bus accident.

DUI accidents are, unfortunately, still very common.

Despite all the laws and protections put in place to ensure that drivers are not sitting behind the wheel while drunk or intoxicated, motorists still drive while under the influence.

It’s because of that fact that we must remember that it’s our responsibility to ensure we’re not putting people’s lives in danger.

When we allow ourselves to drive under the influence, distracted, or too tired, we expose ourselves and others to grave dangers. That’s why we are always warning our readers and clients that the time is now to be the most responsible driver you can be. Otherwise, you risk putting lives in great danger, such as this driver did.

Stay on top of other accident reports coming from Washington state by reading our blog and following our newsletter. By staying engaged, you will learn to be the safest driver you can be, as you will be able to avoid behaviors that could be detrimental to your safety and the safety of others.

For more information on this DUI bus accident, follow this link.

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