Brand New GMC Yukon Catches Fire During Test Drive

According to recent reports, an accident involving a brand new General Motors vehicle has been reported.

The series of news sources covering this story have indicated that this accident follows an announcement linked to a massive recall issued by the automaker that turned out to be quite controversial, mainly because the recalled vehicles were linked to fatal accidents that were not investigated when they were first reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to the many news sources covering this fiery incident, the motorist was test driving the 2015 brand new GMC Yukon when the vehicle suddenly stopped working.

The driver managed to stop the vehicle near the curb and walked out of it.

According to a series of news reports, the vehicle then started smoking, which later led to a tire explosion. In a few moments the entire car had erupted in flames. The authorities have indicated that the incident is still under investigation and that more details concerning the occurrence should be available soon.

The accident that took place in Anaheim, California, was witnessed by several drivers and pedestrians who even stopped to see what was happening. Many of them caught the whole event on tape.

According to the reports, a fluid leak may have been associated with the incident but it’s yet too early to announce exactly what may have caused the fire. No injuries or damage reports were registered in association with this incident. The authorities say that at the moment, the causes behind this fire are being investigated and that soon enough, reports on what may have happened to lead to the incident will be released.

If you’re ever affected by a recall linked to a vehicle that could pose a major injury risk to you and your loved ones, make sure to act promptly to avoid accidents by responding to the announcement and following the manufacturer’s instructions. Too often, accidents take place before a recall is issued. Avoid accidents that could eventually cause you or a loved one to experience injuries by acting promptly.

Safety experts are now pressuring GM and the NHTSA to make sure that they are looking into the many accidents reportedly linked to the recently recalled vehicles. The company is also facing pressure to make sure that the victims of previous accidents linked to the recalled vehicles are compensated.

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