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Boy Seriously Injured In Dog Bite Incident Required Plastic Surgery

Dog bite incidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, children and the elderly are the most vulnerable victims.

A dog bite incident in another state was brought to our attention because of the severity of the victim’s injuries.

According to news reports, a 6-year-old was attacked by an animal on Monday. The boy required over 200 stitches and even plastic surgery because of the serious injuries. Doctors also had to put a stint in the boy’s nose so he could breathe better.

The mother told reporters that her son almost lost his eye in the attack.

The attack involved a white and gray pitbull. The dog’s owners were told the animal should never be around children. After the incident, the animal was quarantined and will remain there for the next ten days. Animal control officials will then observe the dog to evaluate whether euthanizing him is the best course of action.

After the traumatizing experience, the boy will have to undergo sessions with a therapist.

Dog Bite Incidents Happen Too Often

This type of attack is serious and it often impacts young children. Dog owners must beware of the consequences. Aggressive dogs should never be let out of the leash near strangers, and parents should not let their children play with dogs they do not know. Even familiar dogs can sometimes become dangerous if they are afraid.

So far, police officers did not file any charges. But according to news outlets, this is the second child involved in a dog bite incident in the region. The first incident also involved a pit bull.

We urge pet owners to do all in their power to train their pets and socialize them. But if their dogs are still aggressive, follow the necessary precautions.

Hopefully, the young victim in this tragic incident is managing to recover quickly and fully. Click here for more details.

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