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Both Drivers And Riders Must Follow These Motorcycle Safety Tips

Summer is around the corner, and as the weather becomes warmer and nicer, more drivers — and motorcycle riders — hit the road. As a result, motorcycle-related accidents suddenly become more likely to happen.

In order to avoid accidents, motorcyclists must not rely only on drivers and their own training. As a matter of fact, many accidents involving motorcycle riders happen because drivers were just simply not paying attention.

In order to avoid this and other types of accidents, motorcycle riders must keep in mind that they first and foremost should always be ready for whatever happens. And that means learning everything they need to know about the equipment they are riding.

Take refresher courses if you’re a veteran but if you’re new to the craft, make sure you take lessons so you know what to expect in every circumstance.

Also, always wear your helmet, protective eye gear, and yes, leather or thick clothing. If possible add bright clothing pieces or use reflective strips both on your clothing and on your bike. Have your headlight on at all times and beware that larger vehicles have blind spots and that if you do not position yourself correctly, they might not see you.

Riding defensively is also paramount if you want to put safety first.

When sharing the road, provide plenty of space between you and other vehicles so you have time to react in case of an emergency.

For drivers of both trucks and passenger vehicles, the tips are similar. Be constantly on the lookout for motorcyclists, and keep in mind that motorcycles may appear smaller than they really are. This makes it difficult for you to judge how close they might be.

Also, since motorcyclists may hide in blind spots, drivers should also make sure they are being thorough when checking before changing lanes. After all, if they cannot see the rider, they may end up running him or her over.

Whether you’re a rider or a driver, you may find more valuable information and tips on how to be safer by following this link.

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