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BMW, Volkswagen Recalls Vehicles Over Crash Concerns

Regulators as well as automakers often launch recalls associated with vehicles that may expose crash and injury hazards. As usual, we look into the most pressing of these recalls and share the information with our readers and clients. In the hopes that these alerts will help them to understand how important driving a safe vehicle is.

The last two recalls that have come to our attention include the latest BMW and Volkswagen recalls.

The latest BMW recall impacted 18,000 vehicles, which include units from the 2, 3, and 4 Series families. More specifically, the 3 Series ActiveHybrid, the four- and six-cylinder models of all hardtop 2 Series, rear-, all-wheel-drive and Gran Turismo versions of the 3 Series, and coupe, convertible, Gran Coupe, rear- and all-wheel-drive 4 Series models.

Due to improper nickel plating on some of the parts in the fuel pumps, the component may fail, and the engine may stall as a result. In this case, a crash would take place.

Consumers who are serious about their safety should be aware of this risk. Especially because an unexpected stall may lead to serious crashes.

BMW has yet to announce a notification schedule. Until then, consumers should stay alert. Contact the NHTSA or BMW directly for more details if necessary.

Aside from BMW, Volkswagen has also recently launched a recall we heard few news organizations talking about.

According to the reports, Volkswagen has recalled all Passat vehicles from the 2017 model year after learning these vehicles could lose brake fluid. If that’s the case, the braking power may be reduced over time, increasing the risk of crashes.

Since the brake-line components supplied by Sanoh America Inc. might present an issue, drivers may not be able to brake their vehicles in time. According to the company, the parts may have not been manufactured properly, causing them to not be sealed correctly.

Hopefully, the parts will be replaced as soon as possible, making the possibility of a serious problem less likely. Nevertheless, the leak occurs. Drivers should be made aware the warnings must not be ignored.

Contact Volkswagen if you own one of these vehicles. Do not wait until a crash occurs for you to take action.

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