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BMW Recalls SUVs In America Over Child Injury Risks

Luxury automaker BMW is recalling multiple SUVs in the United States over concerns that issues with the car safety seat anchors may expose children of all ages to serious injury risks.

In its recall report, BMW of North America claimed that 32,760 vehicles of the 2015 through 2019 model years have the problem.

Impacted units come with lower anchor bars designed to secure child safety seats that may become damaged if car owners use ISOFIX-type rigid connectors. Because damaged anchors can lead to loosen bars, the car seats may come loose under certain circumstances such as accidents. If car seats come loose in a crash, children can suffer injuries as a result.

BMW Asks Parents To Check If Anchors Are Currently Loose

Parents whose car seats use ISOFIX-type connectors could begin experiencing difficulties securing their children’s seats. In this case, BMW urges them to reach between the seatback and the seat cushion to determine whether the rectangular bars holding the anchors are loose. If they are loose, contact the automaker immediately.

To stay on the safe side until the company fixes the problem, parents should switch to car safety seats that use seat belts instead of anchors, experts urge.

Impacted models include the X6 SUVs built between March 4, 2014 and May 16, 2019.

BMW isn’t aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this problem.

Beginning January 17, 2020, BMW will notify impacted vehicle owners. Dealers should inspect anchors in all impacted vehicles and weld a reinforcing bracket to the lower anchor bars if needed. Fixes should be free to car owners.

If you worry that this problem could expose your child to risks even if you do not use a car safety seat with the ISOFIX-type connectors, contact BMW to learn more about the recall.

You may also learn more about this campaign by following this link.

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