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Beware: Baby Chicks Can Spread Salmonella

When it comes to protecting your children from potentially risky bacteria exposure, many parents forget to pay attention to their children’s pets.

When handling animals, consumers must keep in mind that some are more potentially dangerous than others. Take baby chicks for instance. These cute little birds are the life of any child’s party, but they are also notorious for spreading Salmonella.

Other birds that may also expose consumers to health risks include baby ducklings, goslings, and even baby turkeys.

In order to keep your child safe, especially since young children are more vulnerable to the risks tied to Salmonella, safety advocates have come up with a list of safety tips you should follow.

First and foremost, parents should always make sure that they have their hands washed thoroughly after handling baby chicks. Teach your children to do the same, and make sure they understand that they must never touch their mouths or face before washing their hands.

After making use of equipment to contain or hold baby chicks, make sure they are cleaned. Children should not handle the devices until this process has been carried out.

Also, avoid snuggling and kissing baby birds. Make sure to teach your children about this rule.

If your child is younger than 5, do not let him or her touch or handle baby birds. Keep baby chicks outside of your home, especially from areas where people eat or store food and cooking utensils.

If even after you have taken all of these safety steps you or a loved one falls ill, feeling stomach pain or fever, seek the attention of a physician immediately to get tested for Salmonella.

Each year, thousands of consumers fall ill because they are exposed to Salmonella-tainted food. Many others are exposed to health issues also because of exposure to baby chicks and other animals. If you’re serious about your safety and the safety of your loved ones, make sure you are always aware of the potential risks.

For more tips on how to stay safe and keep you child safe, follow this link.

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