Bernard Law Group Announces Lawsuit Against King County Metro, Bus Driver

Kirk Bernard Bernard Law Group personal injury lawyer seattle

On Tuesday, Bernard Law Group attorneys told local news outlets that their client, a King County resident, had her leg amputated following a March 2021 incident involving a King County Metro bus. 

The victim is now suing King County Metro and one of its drivers after sustaining life-altering injuries that will require lifetime medical care.

In early March, a veteran Metro driver drove her bus onto a sidewalk near the Renton Transit Center running over the victim who was lying on a sidewalk away from the street. At the time, the victim was homeless. As the bus made a right turn, the driver cut the corner short and her rear tires went up the curb and into the sidewalk, driving over the victim’s leg causing gruesome and irreparable damage to her leg. While the bus driver stopped to check on the victim three times and called for medical aid, inexplicably, she got back on her bus and drove away. She then cancelled the call for aid, leaving the victim alone, traumatized, and bleeding.   

“In my 40 years of practicing as a personal injury lawyer, I’ve never heard of facts so outrageous and egregious. The idea that a professional driver, a Metro driver, could roll a bus over a human being—then talk to her, leave her in a pool of blood, dying, bleeding out,” said Bernard Law Group’s attorney Kirk Bernard. 

Injuries Were Apparent But Driver Failed To Help

“Her left lower leg had been shredded. Her skin, muscles, tendons, and other tissue had been torn up,” the lawsuit explains. “Her injury was so severe that her leg bone was visible as that much skin, muscle, and tissue had been ripped off her body by the bus tires.” 

Due to this tragic accident, the victim will suffer for the rest of her life.

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