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Bellingham Police Makes One DUI Arrest Per Day

The Bellingham Police Department has announced that its rate of DUI arrests is increasing. Now, it averages one arrest per day, meaning that through April 19, police arrested 110. According to officials, that is a 134 percent increase from the same period last year.

While officials implemented a series of different tactics in order to get to this rate of success, it’s also important to note that this increase means that law enforcement is serious about tackling this problem. In other words, drivers should not drive while drunk, unless they are OK with being arrested.

During an interview, an official said that while drinking and driving per se isn’t happening more often than before, officers are targeting DUI drivers more effectively. According to a trooper, this particular increase is only present in Bellingham. This proves that the local agencies are working harder and that drivers aren’t necessarily drinking and driving more often.

Part of their strategy to boost DUI-related arrest rates is to take it seriously. According to a local trooper, officers put emphasis on DUI because the practice puts the lives of drivers and passengers in danger.

It is because local departments want to keep the community safe that they focus on identifying drivers who drink and drive.

DUI-Related Accidents Are Serious, Dangerous, And Potentially Deadly

If you are in a car accident and need an attorney call us at 800-418-8282. If drivers are serious about safety, they are also responsible. And being responsible means never drinking and driving.

While we all would rather have drivers do their part by never engaging in this behavior, we’re glad that law enforcement agencies are doing all they can. Still, it is important to keep raising awareness. After all, drivers must remember they are sharing the road. Being irresponsible while behind the wheel puts lives in danger.

While drinking and driving is against the law, making you liable for the consequences of driving while drunk, you should make it a priority to not hurt yourself or others. Drinking and driving makes accidents even more likely.

To avoid accidents and be a responsible driver, keep that in mind. Also, always follow road rules.

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