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Bellevue Crane Worker Awarded $1.45 million

The crane operator involved in a Bellevue construction accident that killed a Microsoft lawyer settled his lawsuit against the company, according to news reports.

The man, who filed the lawsuit against Seattle-based general contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis and Seattle engineering firm Magnusson Klemencic Associates, was awarded $1.45 million in damages by a King County jury Thursday, according to news reports.

The crane worker was in the cab of a 210-foot crane that fell on a building in downtown Bellevue, killing a 31-year-old attorney at Microsoft. The accident left the employee permanently injured, unable to work or even sit for long periods, according to news reports.

According to investigations, the accident was caused by the unusual steel base that could not support the crane, causing it to collapse on two buildings.

He originally sought more than $12 million in damages, according to news reports.

As a Bellevue construction accident lawyer, I remember hearing about this fatal accident. My condolences go out to the victims’ friends and family who are still dealing with this tragic incident. I’m glad to hear this man was able to receive some worker’s compensation for this incident.

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