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Pedestrian Killed In Bellevue Street Sweeper Accident

A horrific Bellevue accident involving a street sweeper appears to have happened while the victim was tying his shoe.

According to a series of news reports, the pedestrian was kneeling down when a street sweeper backed up and drove over him om Monday. The horrific accident caused the man to be crushed to death.

The victim was survived by his children, who must all be wanting answers as to how their father was killed in such a horrific accident.

Officials say that the street sweeper is equipped with a backup camera. Still, reports do not say if the driver knew how to use it or if the driver even knew if it was on or not.

As officials investigate the death, they also hope to discover if the truck had an audible alarm for when it backs up.

We are deeply saddened to have learned that this horrific accident happened in Bellevue, impacting a local resident. Hopefully, officials are able to investigate this matter in depth so that the problems at hand can be identified and similar accidents can be avoided.

We urge pedestrians across the Evergreen state to be careful and aware that there are many risks lurking around the corner. Being alert to the possible risks tied to city and district vehicles as well as large trucks delivering construction material is important and can save your life. But drivers, cleaning companies, and government agencies involved in such accidents must also understand that it’s their duty to be responsible.

If you’re a driver or a pedestrian, remember that you must do your part to avoid accidents.

Looking beforehand and making sure that the path is clear before you change lanes, back up, or before crossing the street are all important steps toward boosting road safety everywhere.

For more on this tragic and heartbreaking accident, follow this link.

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