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Be Safer This Season With These Back-To-School Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year again. School buses are back on the road and children are crossing the roads in large numbers.

With thousands of students going back to school, traffic tends to become difficult to navigate around some times of the day. Depending on your destination, you should keep in mind that leaving a bit early can help you tremendously. The extra traffic may cause you to arrive at your destination late if you do not pay attention to that recommendation.

According to law enforcement and agents tasked with looking after children safety, drivers should be aware that school zones’ rules must be followed. Speed limits should not be ignored at all times, and parents must remind their children that crossing the street takes a few important steps.

But when it comes to drivers, there are some of the simple rules they should follow. This will help them to avoid collisions or other complications.

No Distractions While Behind The Wheel

Driving while distracted is against the law and will make accidents more likely to happen. When driving in school zones, it’s especially important to stay focused. After all, a distracted driver may not notice school buses’ flashers on.

Be Mindful Of Children Crossing The Street

Parents should always teach their children how to avoid accidents by looking both ways before crossing and by never crossing outside a marked crosswalk. Still, children can become distracted easily, and drivers must stay alert when approaching a school zone.

Slow down when reaching a crosswalk and beware of children exiting and entering school buses when the vehicles have their stop sign drawn and lights flashing.

Parents: Buckle Your Kids Up

If your child must be seated in a car safety seat, use the proper seat for your child’s age. Regardless of their age, buckle up at all times to make sure your children are safe at all times.

By following these tips, you and your children will have a safe and happy back-to-school driving season.

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