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Baby Chicks Tied to ‘Hundreds’ of Salmonella Outbreaks, CDC Reports

Multiple news sources have claimed that hundreds of Salmonella outbreaks have been associated with baby chicks across the country.

So far, 324 people fell ill in 35 states, reports the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The outbreaks are all associated with seven different strains of the bacteria, and they have been under investigation by health officials since January. Out of the over 300 people who fell ill, 66 were sent to the hospital. In one case, the individual who had been infected died, but according to the CDC, Salmonella was not a contributing factor in the fatality.

The link between baby chicks and the outbreaks was discovered by the authorities, who claim that several cases were linked back to individuals interacting with live poultry, which included ducklings and chicks. According to the CDC, it’s nearly impossible to know if you may get Salmonella from live poultry, whether you’re careful about who you’re buying from or not. Whenever you handle poultry, however, you should always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Do not let children who are younger than 5 handle these animals since they may be exposed to serious health risks. The CDC is also urging parents to avoid letting live poultry inside the house.

While the number of cases continues to grow, the CDC is urging news organizations to alert consumers about the potential risks. Since many people may still be unaware of the link between Salmonella-related illnesses and live poultry, reporting on this story could help consumers avoid health-related issues.

If you are gearing up to purchase baby chicks for your children, keep this information in mind, and remember that Salmonella and other types of bacteria may expose you to serious risks if you’re not alert. Since children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems are more likely to fall ill, protect them by keeping live poultry out of reach.

For more on this story, follow this link. For more details on how to avoid Salmonella contamination at home, watch the video below.

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