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Baby Bath Support Seats Impacted By Recall Over Drowning Hazard

Baby products are not always 100 percent safe. That’s why parents should always be aware of recall reports and act on them immediately.

The latest baby product-related recall involves baby bath tub support seats that do not meet federal safety requirements. As a result, this issue could expose small children to drowning hazards.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that the Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seats may not be stable enough. In this case, the seat can tip over. Regulators also say that an infant could slip under the front support and he or she may drown.

The recall campaign, which started on October 16, impacts all Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seats in blue and with the model code B9150BL and in gray, with the model code B9150GY. The device comes with suction cups and they come with date codes 1251-0916-enj-nacn or 1434-0617-enj-nacn.

Consumers with the recalled products should stop using them immediately. Contact Abond Group to learn more about how you should proceed to have this issue addressed. You should be able to get a full refund in exchange for the product.

While no incidents were reported so far, it’s important that parents check their children’s bath accessories in case they have the Tubeez Baby Bath Support.

Children Product Recalls Are Serious And Shouldn’t Be Ignored

All too often, baby and children products are recalled over safety issues. Parents who are serious about their children’s safety should not ignore these campaigns. Especially if the items in question could expose their children to serious safety risks.

Stay on top of this and other children product recalls by continuing to follow our blog. And remember to always respond promptly when one of the products or toys your children use is at risk.

Follow this link to read more on the recall campaign.

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