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Avoid Window Falls This Summer By Following These Tips

Summer is around the corner. If you’re a parent and your child or children are small, you know you will have to leave your window open as it warms up. But do you know that having small children playing near an open window can be dangerous too?

To many parents, this time of the year is especially dangerous because of the many risks involving windows. That’s why safety advocates urge parents to follow certain safety tips. If you are a parent and you’re worried about your children’s safety, then follow all the safety tips below.

1- Use Guards And Window Stops

If you’re opening a window wider than four inches, safety advocates urge you to install window guards with an emergency release device. But if you’re trying to avoid opening the window up to four inches, then use a window stop to keep children from opening it further. Adults can safely open the window wider in an emergency using these devices.

2- Insect Screens Won’t Hold Your Baby

Toddlers are naturally curious and will try to push the screen if they set their minds to it. That’s why parents should never believe their child is safe if a screen is in place. In order to avoid accidents, parents must keep windows closed or have stops or guards in place.

If your child is in a room away from you, make sure the window is locked.

3- Keep Furniture Away From Windows

To keep your child from climbing on anything and falling, do not leave any piece of furniture near a window. Toddlers and young children will try to climb anything to get to a window. To avoid headaches later on, make sure to child proof the rooms.

4- Teach Your Child To Be Safe

Enforce a rule in your home that playing near windows is not allowed. Explain to your child that whenever he or she is in a room with one, they must play two big steps away from them.

5- Make Windows Emergency-Friendly

Your windows may represent a risk to your children, but they are also emergency exits. Make sure teenagers and adults in your home can easily access and open them in case of an emergency.

Follow these safety tips in order to avoid accidents. For more on how to keep your toddler away from windows, follow this link.

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