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Avoid Crashing Into A Deer This Fall By Following These Tips

Autumn is here. And with it, so is wildlife activity. This means that while driving across the Evergreen state, you might encounter more deer activity. This means that accident risks also go up.

As many might know, October and November are some of the most dangerous months for deer-vehicle accidents. In order to avoid accidents, we must beware of the risks. But most importantly, we must know how to deal with the situation when it arrives.

While rural areas may be at greater risk, seeing deer running across highways may also happen in urban areas. As deer adapt to city living, so must drivers.

Avoid Crashing By Paying Attention To Wildlife

In the fall, they are more active both because they are looking for food and because it’s mating season. So seeing one of them bolt across the street may happen more often than you might think.  Unfortunately, many of these occurrences happen at dawn and dusk. This means that the driver is in even greater danger as the shorter days give way to darker late afternoons and evenings. Visibility is key in avoiding wildlife crashes.

While driving at night, using high-beam lights when possible. Avoid doing so if there are oncoming drivers, however, as the high-beam lights may impair them. In any case, making use of this tool will help you see farther into the road ahead.

If while you’re driving, you see a deer on the road, do not swerve. Instead, honk and press on your brakes.

When you swerve, you might end up crashing with oncoming traffic, and you may end up hitting the deer as it tries to escape.

Also, if you see deer off the side of the road, slow down. And remember, if one deer just crossed the road, it is possible that a second one will follow.

Stay safe and help others stay safe by never speeding. Especially when navigating icy roads.

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