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Avoid Crashes This Fall By Following These Safety Tips

During the fall here in Washington, many drivers begin to concern themselves with making sure they are taking safe routes back home at night. With the days becoming shorter and the daylight waning out faster, drivers are often concerned also about the colder temperatures, which often brings ice to the roads and makes crashes more likely to happen.

According to experts, drivers should follow some important safety steps while navigating the Washington roads during the fall to avoid crashes. And the first and most important of these safety steps is: Drivers should avoid braking on leaves.

All too often, wet leaves will be slippery, and, as a result, the driver ma end up losing control of the vehicle.

Also, leaves may obscure lane lines or other marks. Pay attention to the edge of the road, slow down if necessary, and make sure you stay in your lane.

Another important safety step all drivers should follow during fall to avoid crashes is to avoid sun glare. After the autumnal equinox, the first 15 to 45 minutes after sunrise and before sunset can make it harder for drivers to see what’s ahead, mostly because of the sun glare.

Have a good pair of sunglasses at hand for the daytime so the issues associated with sun glare are avoided. The National Weather Service also urges drivers to keep their windshield clean.

If the area where you live is seeing an increased amount of rainfall, maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicles ahead. While driving under the rain, your vehicle is more likely to hydroplane. Driving at a slower pace may help you to avoid crashes.

Be careful at bridges by making sure you’re not driving fast over frosty patches, which can end up leading to a crash.

Since the roads may overall be more slippery during this time of year, drivers should begin slowing down and allowing more space between the vehicles, even if they are confident, veteran drivers, they should not underestimate the risks associated with slippery roads.

Experts also urge drivers to check their tire pressure, adjust their headlights, and replace the car’s windshield wipers to avoid experiencing conditions that may also lead to crashes.

For more on this story, follow this link to read the full list of safety tips.

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