Avoid Car Accidents Due to the Weather

Safe driving is paramount to your safety, but when it comes to winter driving, making sure your vehicle is ready to take on all the damage that the lower temperatures may cause is also essential to keep yourself and others safe.

According to a series of experts, making sure your car is ready to face the severe drop of temperature involves making sure that certain important parts of your car are checked for potential problems before you start driving once it rains or snows. Some of the most important inspection points you should make sure to check before hitting the road is your car’s battery.

If it’s 2-years-old or older, have it tested promptly to verify whether having it replaced is a good idea. Also, checking the battery for potentially damaged items is also important. Oftentimes, cables become loose and corrosive buildup is spotted. Making sure the battery is free from those problems will help to keep your auto safe during winter.

As the temperature begins to drop even lower, making sure your radiator fluid is filled as needed with a blend that mixes equal parts of water and anti-freeze is paramount to your car’s proper functioning. Making sure the windshield wiper fluid your car uses is a no-freeze kind is also important. Having any worn out wiper blades replaced is also essential in keeping you safe since defective or worn out blades may affect your visibility.

Experts have also expressed the importance of making sure that your vehicle’s hoses are checked for leaks, cracks, or bulges. All clamps should also be secure.

Belts are also important points to be checked before you hit the road. Have your drive belts tight but do not let it crack or fray. When you push the belts, they should not deflect more than half an inch. That shows that the belt is installed correctly.

Checking oil, brake, and transmission fluids should also be part of your routine before having your vehicle face the bitter cold. The oil filter as well as the oil should be replaced immediately. Having your owner’s manual with you so that you may follow the proper instructions on how to have your car’s transmission and brake fluids levels checked is paramount to the maintenance of your car.

Other important points to never ignore when making sure your car is perfect shape to face the bitter winter are the air filter and tires. When it comes to the tires, making sure that they are inflated to the recommended pressure is essential for your safety especially during the winter. Your tire suffers with the drop in temperature, making sure it’s properly inflated will help you to avoid auto accidents.

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