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Avoid Accidents: Troopers Hit Washington Roads Through Memorial Day Weekend

At least five percent of Washington drivers are at risk of getting a ticket during the ongoing “Click It or Ticket” campaign. Law enforcement are on the lookout for drivers and passengers who break the law. But according the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, only five percent of drivers fail to buckle up. Still, safety is a top priority to state officials, who want to lower the number of accidents.

Despite the low percentage of people not buckling up, the risk is still very real. Seat belts are designed to help save lives. While accidents happen, seat belts are there to lessen the potential consequences. So if drivers aren’t buckling up, they are not putting their own safety first.

The “Click It or Ticket” campaign will be running through June 3rd. Troopers are looking for drivers or car occupants not buckling up. At least 150 law enforcement agencies are participating.

This special task force is also running through Memorial Day weekend. Officials say that the holiday is one of the busiest travel weekends. They expect to see many drivers breaking the law.

If you’re hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend, beware. Roads will be busy. Unfortunately, many drivers will be tired. Others will be breaking the law by driving while intoxicated. Stay focused to avoid crashes. And if you observe a driver acting erratically, alert law enforcement.

When Traveling With The Family, Remind Them To Put Safety First

Safety should always come first. To the driver and his passengers.

Following law enforcement’s recommendations is not only important; it’s essential. Let family and friends traveling with you that you cannot be distracted. Also, have someone else ready to take over driving duties if you’re too tired. Accidents happen because drivers fall asleep. And many drivers become too tired to continue when driving during the holidays.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend by observing all traffic rules. And that includes buckling up.

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