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Avoid Accidents This Baby Safety Awareness Month

September is baby safety awareness month. That’s why many groups such as Safe Kids Worldwide want parents to be made aware of the terrible risks their children may be exposed to if they are not paying attention.

According to official data, 8,000 children die each year as a result of a preventable injury. Also each year, 9 million children are rushed to the ER suffering from preventable injuries.

In many of these cases, children slip and fall, which is part of the process of growing up. But other cases are related to factors that could have been predicted.

Parents of small children and babies should always make sure their homes are ready for all the potential risks associated with their little one’s age. When babies are learning how to crawl and walk, parents should make sure that electrical outlets and other items that may break are out of reach or covered. When babies are beginning to climb on things, parents should do all in their power to secure pieces of furniture that may tip over.

And when babies are placed in car safety seats, parents should make sure that the device is correctly installed.

According to Safe Kids, the leading cause of unintentional death among children in the United States is traffic crashes. Parents often misuse safety seats because they are not aware they should follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step. Many also ignore the risks associated with incorrectly securing their child to the device. The results are tragic.

If you’re a parent, make sure your child’s safety seat is the correct design for your child’s age, weight, and height, and follow the installation instructions.

If you would like to learn more about how to ensure your home is safe for your child, follow this link or watch the video below.

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