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Avoid Accidents By Following These School Bus Safety Tips

Yes, friends. It’s that time of the year again. Whether you’re a parent or not, you might have looked at the calendar only to remember that pretty soon, school buses will be back on the road. In order to be a safe driver, you should keep in mind that certain safety tips should always be followed whenever you encounter a school bus ahead. Otherwise, you could be responsible for an accident involving children, and one that could even lead to serious injuries.

Before You Leave, Watch Your Back

First and foremost, drivers should remember that before leaving their driveway, they must be extra careful when backing out. Unfortunately, many children aren’t as careful as they should and might jump behind your car as you’re backing out.

As children run out of their houses to hop on the school bus, this may prompt them to ignore the risks because they simply trust they are safe in their own neighborhood. So be extra mindful, especially during the morning time when you’re about to leave for work or in the afternoon, when children are coming back from school.

Avoid Accidents By Never Speeding

Drivers should also make sure they slow down. When children are near school buses, drivers should obey rules and regulations regarding speeds and protocol for when the bus’ lights are on.

If warning flashers are visible, follow the rules and obey the speed limited posted for school days.

Learn everything you need to know about the flashing signal light system school buses use so that you are aware of how bus drivers are alerting others that children are about to exit or enter.

If the bus has its flashing lights on and stop arms are extended, then you know that children are getting on or off and that you should stop your car and wait. Only proceed when the sign is withdrawn and the lights aren’t flashing.

If you are a parent, talk to your children about how they should behave near and around school buses. Also, make sure your child knows how to safely cross the street and how to keep an eye out for the traffic. Even if all safety measures are in place, drivers may still be distracted or simply oblivious, and your child may be able to prevent a life-threatening accident by being alert.

Also, teach your child to go to the school bus stop at least five minutes early. Teach them to stand about 6 feet away from the curb while waiting for the bus to stop and tell your child to only get on the bus after it’s still, the door is open, and the driver says it’s OK.

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For more safety tips on how to be a better driver around school children and buses, follow this link.

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