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Avoid A Motorcycle Accident With These Five Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting activity. Unfortunately, not all that is fun is void of risk. Because of their design, motorcycles don’t come with the same type of safety features found in passenger cars. That means that even the smallest of obstacles can lead to serious collisions. Without a safety net, riders can sustain serious injuries. While many motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent car and truck drivers, there are many actions that riders can take to avoid collisions. Here’s a list of five important safety tips you should consider to avoid a motorcycle accident. 

1. Avoid Motorcycle Accident Injuries By Wearing Safety Gear

Riding a motorcycle involves traveling at considerable speeds, which exposes riders to the environment. Strong winds, heat, and rain are just some of the elements riders must deal with regularly. But in some cases, a rider might experience preventable injuries due to minor collisions because he or she failed to wear their protective gear. 

Helmets, arm and knee pads, motorcycle jackets, and motorcycle riding pants can go a long way in protecting you from injuries.

2. Don’t Speed

Motorcycle riding is fun. We understand. But that doesn’t mean you should push speed limits. As a matter of fact, riding a motorcycle is fun on its own, and speeding will do nothing but expose you to risks and unpleasant encounters with traffic officials. 

Never go faster than the posted speed limit and always stay in your lane. Even while on open roads. Doing otherwise can expose you to serious accident risks.

3. Prevent Rear-Ending Crashes By Looking Behind You At Intersections

When coming to a stop at an intersection, especially when stopping at crosswalks, keep in mind that drivers might not see you. In order to prevent accidents, pull over to the side of the lane while flashing your brake repeatedly. As you stop, look behind you to see if there’s a car following behind. Stay in gear if it’s necessary to pull away to avoid a collision with an approaching car.

4. Don’t Ride Between Vehicles

While many motorcycle riders might be tempted to ride between vehicles to save some time, the practice of lane splitting, or riding between lanes or rows of vehicles when traffic is moving slowly, can put riders in danger of crashing. Furthermore, lane splitting is against the law in Washington State.

5. Keep Up With Your Motorcycle’s Maintenance

To avoid motorcycle accidents caused by worn out or faulty equipment, motorcycle riders must always perform regular maintenance on their bikes. 

Regular use may lead to damages that can often result in defects. These defects can often lead to accidents. 

Checking the brakes regularly, changing the engine oil periodically, and verifying whether all lights and indicators are working properly can all help you to avoid a motorcycle accident. 

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