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Automatic Braking Problem Behind Ford Recall

Ford has recalled several 2020 vehicles over automatic braking issues that could lead to accidents and personal injuries, news outlets report.

According to the firm, the 2020 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models can experience a software error that would impact the Pre-Collision Assist system, rendering features such as the forward collision warning (FCW) and the automatic emergency braking (AEB) ineffective. 

Additionally, the system does not warn the driver that FCW and AEB aren’t working properly. This could cause the driver to ignore potential obstacles ahead, making collisions more likely to occur.

 Over 25,000 vehicles were impacted in the United States, with only 187 of them being Navigators. 

Ford told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that while no accidents or injuries have been associated with these recalled vehicles, car owners should not ignore the potential dangers. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ford said that it will begin contacting impacted vehicle owners on May 25, 2020. Until then, you may contact Ford or Lincoln directly if you worry that this issue could pose a risk to your safety between now and the time the firm is ready to offer consumers a software update to remedy the issue. 

Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Ford Has A Duty To Keep You Safe

Despite the changes made by companies such as Ford since March 13, when President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, car maintenance is considered essential. This means that if you must drive regularly even while there’s a stay-at-home directive in effect, you might want to contact Ford to ask what you should do to have this issue addressed promptly. If you do not have to drive often, you might be able to wait until the end of the month for Ford to contact you directly. 

Certain safety issues are serious and can expose drivers to accidents. In order to avoid risks even during the pandemic, drivers must ask themselves whether waiting to have recall-related issues addressed will not expose them and their loved ones to unnecessary danger. 

If you believe you’re at risk, do not hesitate to reach out to Ford as soon as possible.

For more on this recall, follow this link.

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