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Audi To Improve Diesel Engine Vehicles After Scandal

At least 850,000 diesel motorcycles manufactured by Audi will be fitted with new software so they may improve emissions performance, reports show. This follows reports that Daimler, Audi’s rival, is doing the same as controversy surrounding the technology continues to plague Volkswagen.

Despite the controversies, the company believes that the new program will help to ensure that bans on cars with diesel engines aren’t upheld.

Unfortunately for many diesel car makers in the United States, the engine has been undervalued ever since Volkswagen admitted to equipping vehicles with software that actually manipulated the car’s level of emissions. This scandal proved to be a problem to Volkswagen as it was revealed that the company was taking this step to go around U.S. regulations.

Still, the company believes that this new approach to the diesel problem will be enough to put an end to the scandal so consumers are, once again, warmed up to the idea of diesel.

On Tuesday, Daimler announced that it’s recalling 3 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles fitted with diesel engines in Europe so emissions performance can be fixed.

Worldwide, Volkswagen used illegal software in 11 million cars. That’s a huge number and quite a scheme, which makes it clear why so many consumers globally have been so reluctant to get back to Volkswagen’s side.

In the United States, the company agreed to pay $20 billion to settle charges and penalties associated with the emissions scandal.

Hopefully, both this fiasco and the subsequent scandal will be enough to ensure that other companies won’t do the same in the future. After all, companies are learning a lesson or two thanks to Volkswagen’s less than honorable actions.

As we know, automakers often ignore the safety of consumers so they may put profit first. This is the case with these diesel vehicles. Unfortunately, many remain oblivious of how this attitude many actually hurt them. That’s why we report on these stories as they may help drivers to avoid accidents or other issues prompted by equipment issues that companies simply ignore.

For more on Volkswagen and Audi and how the company hopes to fix this issue, follow this link.

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