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As Winter Approaches, WA Officials Urge Drivers To Get Ready

Winter is around the corner and Washingtonians know what that means. Because the weather can become extremely difficult and roads can become hazardous, Washington officials are urging drivers to take certain steps in order to stay safe.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, this is the perfect time to start preparing for snow driving. That includes making sure your vehicle is in top condition. And while WSDOT officials said that their crews work overtime to make sure roads are in good shape for travelers, the weather is sometimes unpredictable. To avoid serious collisions or other problems that may arise while driving in the snow, officials say that the public must beware as well.

First and foremost, officials say, travelers must always have the most up-to-date roadway information before leaving their homes. In addition, drivers must always maintain a safe speed that is suitable for the road conditions, especially when roads are covered in snow or ice.

“Most pass closures are due to spin outs or crashes from vehicles traveling too fast or not having proper winter equipment. Preparing early and staying informed about conditions and restrictions can help keep traffic moving during storms,” officials warn.

Avoid Accidents This Winter

In order to be well informed regarding road closures and other weather-related news that could impact you, officials urge you to preset your radio to 530 AM and 1610 AM. Also, WDOT keeps its mobile app, Twitter, and Facebook pages updated with the most recent travel alerts. Following these accounts can help you stay safe.

You should also have the WSDOT Winter Driving Guide at hand, whether on your phone or printed in your car’s glove compartment.

Before hitting the road during winter, remember to keep your car well stocked with emergency items, extra blankets, and first aid kits. Check the pressure of your tires and carry chains in the trunk at all times. Also, make sure you know the current traction and other chain requirements while traveling on mountain passes.

Officials also warn that delays will happen. Be prepared and leave with plenty of time to make it to your destination safe. Trying to hurry while driving on snow-covered roads will not end up well.

For more safety tips, follow this link.

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