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Are Breed-Specific Bans Stopping Dog Bites?

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In certain parts of the country, the dog bite risk continues to concern local politicians and city councils. As local policymakers embrace bans on certain dog breeds as a way to protect individual residents, many point out to the failure of such bans.

In order to curb the potential risks associated with dog bite incidents, Sioux City in Iowa adopted an ordinance that banned dogs from the pit bull breed from the the city. Despite the ban, many reports are claiming that the number of dog bites has increased.

According to the reports, data made available by Siouxland District Health shows that, countywide, the number of dog bites reported in 2015 was at 137, while just before the ban was enacted in 2008, the number of incidents was at 110 in 2007.

Despite the increase, the number of pit bull-related bits has gone down within the same period. According to the official numbers, 24 dog bites related to pit bulls had been reported in 2007 while in 2015, only four had been associated with the breed.

Despite the good and bad news associated with dog bite incidents in the county, local officials are still split on whether the ban was successful.

In spite of the recent news regarding dog attacks associated with the banned breed, many locals are not happy with the law.

Two local dog owners filed a lawsuit against the city claiming that its breed-specific ban is unconstitutional. According to the two locals who filed the suit, the law makes it so that all pit bulls are considered to be aggressive dogs instead of condemning the owners of dogs who are actually aggressive.

Whether you agree with the ban or not, keep in mind that safety should always come first. If you’re a dog owner, you should take the necessary steps to make sure that your pet is socialized and taken away from public areas if it shows signs of restlessness and aggression.

If your pet has a history of being aggressive, look for the help of a professional dog trainer to make sure your dog is trained to handle any kind of situation without harming anybody.

If you ever encounter an animal that shows signs of aggressive behavior, make sure to do all you can to avoid being attacked. Watch the video below to learn more about how to spot signs that the animal in question may be getting ready to attack.

For more on the pit bull ban in Sioux City and how locals have been dealing with the dog bite reports, follow this link.

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