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Apps Like This Can Help to Fight Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem. While both law enforcement agencies and private organizations work at times together to put an end to distracted driving, they continue to carry out their own programs and efforts to help put an end to distracted driving.

According to a series of news reports, a new app could help put an end to distracted driving — if only drivers use it as they should.

The reports show that, all too often, distracted drivers take on distracted driving as a habit. Because of their false sense of security, they often believe that nothing will happen to them, even if they acknowledge that distracted driving is a serious risk.

In order to help drivers who believe they are safe even if they aren’t, AT&T is working to have 16 million drivers pledge they will not text and drive. But while it works on having people agree to avoid putting their lives in danger, the company also has an app that may help drivers to avoid being distracted by their ringing phones.

With the It Can Wait app developed by AT&T, the driver’s phone will automatically send a message to a caller or messenger explaining that the driver is behind the wheel and is not able to answer at that moment.

Whether you’re a veteran driver or a newbie, the use of this app or others that prevent messages or calls from taking your attention away from the road could help you to avoid serious and even deadly crashes.

To parents whose children are just now learning how to drive, make sure they understand the possible risks, and avoid allowing them to risk their lives by teaching them through good examples and by making sure they are taking defensive driving classes.

If your child is a smartphone user, make sure they too are using the AT&T app and signing the pledge.

If you’re unsure of what other kind of distractions may be leading to crashes, just keep in mind that anything that can cause you to lose track of what is going on ahead of you may count as a distraction. Talking on the phone or composing a text message are two potential risks, but other factors include eating and drinking while behind the wheel, talking to passengers, handling children or pets.

Avoid risks by always putting your safety and the safety of others first.

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