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Apple Sued After Driver Uses App Prior to Fatal Crash

Multiple news reports have indicated that a tragic distracted driving accident that resulted in the death of a child is now the center of a lawsuit. According to these reports, Apple is being sued due to the fact the driver involved in the accident had been using FaceTime prior to the collision.

Official reports have claimed that Apple is being named in the suit over the failure to have launched the FaceTime app’s alternative design, which would have locked out the driver’s ability to use the technology while behind the wheel.

The accident happened in 2014. And according to the reports, the driver using the app was distracted by it moments before crashing into the back of the vehicle carrying a child.

The 5-year-old victim was one of the two children in the back of their parents’ car. They were traveling near Dallas, Texas in 2014 when a 22-year-old driver using FaceTime on his iPhone crashed into the back of the vehicle while going at 65 mph. The child died as a result of her serious injuries, while her older sister and parents were injured.

In the lawsuit filed against the tech giant, the app being used by the 22-year-old was named as a “substantial factor” in the death of the 5-year-old. The family claims that there was a different design of the app for which the company sought a patent in 2008 that would have prevented this accident. According to the suit, the different design would have locked the user from using the app if the vehicle was in motion.

The driver is now facing a manslaughter charge due to this tragic crash.

While we’re still uncertain of what the outcome of this lawsuit will look like, we hope this story will bring distracted driving back to the spotlight.

As we enter another year, we should make it a priority to be safe, conscious drivers at all times. Remembering that phone usage may lead to serious and even potentially deadly consequences, much like the one we saw taking place in this accident, will help us to make better decisions. Put your phone down the minute you sit behind the wheel and focus on the road ahead.

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