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App Problems Leave Tesla Drivers Locked Out Of Cars

The future is now, as proven by the simple fact that we no longer need keys to enter our own cars. But while Tesla makes it easy for car owners to simply hit a button on their phone to get their cars going, it also makes their lives a tad harder when the app is down.

Recently, Tesla owners learned the hard way to never leave the house without their car keys.

According to news reports, drivers used Twitter to complain directly with Tesla after the electric car app stopped working. And after the app logged them out, they couldn’t get into their cars. Desperate for answers, many flood to social media for help. Unfortunately, if they didn’t have their key fob or card they could not enter their locked cars using the app.


To many Tesla car owners, the app is the only key they need. Therefore, they often leave the car’s key at home. But for fours hours this week, they learned the hard way they shouldn’t rely on the app. But perhaps, if they had paid attention to the news in 2018, they would have been able to prevent this year’s incident. That’s because in 2018, the app also went down. That also kept several drivers locked out of their cars.

While Tesla does not know what caused the issue, we must all remember that we’re dealing with technology. And until companies like Tesla address all potential issues, technology will eventually let us down. In order to avoid issues such as this, drivers must carry their key. Even if they think their app will not fail them again.

Tesla Shows We Should Not Rely On Tech Only

While this type of incident is rare, it proved to be an inconvenience to many drivers. It’s important that drivers understand this reality and act accordingly to prevent similar troubles in the future.

Even if you have complete faith in technology, we urge you to not ignore how it this blind confidence may backfire.


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