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Airbag, Steering Issues Tied to Toyota, Porsche Recalls

All too often, automakers launch recalls after crashes have been reported. While this is not the case with the two auto recalls we’re reporting on, we would like to remind you that you should never ignore recall campaigns associated with cars that may expose you to crash and injury risks.

The first recall campaign to be launched recently was released by Toyota. And according to the Japanese automaker, its recalled vehicles could expose drivers to airbag problems.

According to the official reports, the 2016 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles come with front-passenger airbags that may have been fitted with a component in the assembly that may have not been welded or assembled correctly. If that’s the case, stored gas may end up escaping without a deployment signal, resulting in the partial inflation of the airbag.

If the airbags are not inflated correctly, front seat occupants may end up being injured as a result.

Consumes with the recalled Prius, which are very popular vehicles, should be contacted beginning this November. Once you are able to have your vehicle inspected, the front-passenger airbag assembly will be replaced entirely for free.

The second recall campaign we would like you to avoid ignoring was launched by Porsche.

According to the reports, Porsche has recalled several Macan vehicles after learning that some of the parts may have not been produced up to standard.

Since the units listed under this recall come with anti-roll bar connecting links that may move out of position while in use, the vehicle may end up oversteering. But before the oversteering problem, the driver may hear rattling noises coming from the steering.

Since oversteering issues may lead to a loss of vehicle control, the driver may end up crashing, making the vehicle less safe.

If you own a Toyota or a Porsche and you would like to make sure you’re safe until you receive a recall notice in the mail, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

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