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Air Bag Defect Behind Latest Mazda Recall

Every now and then, we like to remind our readers that certain crashes can be prevented if they are on top of the auto recall news. This time around, the warning is for all Mazda owners.

Many of these recalls are launched when automakers learn that issues with the vehicles may lead to serious, and even potentially deadly crashes. Unless drivers are on top of these recalls, making sure their vehicles are repaired promptly, accidents are bound to happen.

According to the latest US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, Mazda North American Operations has launched a recall campaign that impacts thousands of vehicles sold in America.

Recalled vehicles include the 2009 and 2010 Mazda6, which were manufactured within the period between February 4, 2008 and December 3, 2009. According to the company, these vehicles come with protective coating that may have not been applied correctly to the air bag control units. Since moisture may build up and damage the unit, the air bag may not function as planned. In the case of a crash, lack of protection usually provided by the air bag system may lead to serious and even deadly consequences.

Mazda has announced that all recalled vehicle owners will be contacted beginning October 3. Once you’re contacted, schedule a visit to a dealer where the ACU will be replaced for free. Do not wait until you or a loved one has been injured for you to act.

Mazda has claimed that, while the initial announcement will go out after October 3rd, a second announcement will be mailed in once the company has developed a fix for this issue.

Whenever drives are hit with this type of recall, they should not ignore the potential ramifications. Injuries may take place.

Avoid crashes by both being quick to respond to recalls and serious about making sure your vehicle is well-maintained.

If you own a recalled Mazda and you would like to learn more about this recall, follow this link.

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