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After Tragedy, Mom Pleads: Use Car Safety Seats Correctly

Car and child safety should come hand in hand. Drivers who are also parents or caregivers should keep in mind that poor and incorrect use of cars safety seats could expose children to serious injury risks.

A tragic accident that happened on the other side of the Atlantic ocean is making parents in America look at car and child safety under a different light.

According to a series of reports, the photo of a child on life support as a result of the injuries he sustained in a car crash is going viral. The photo was shared by his own mother, in an attempt to urge other parents to avoid the same mistakes she made.

When the UK mother shared the photo of her tragically injured child online, she urged her friends and followers to remember to tighten the buckles correctly so the child is secured in the seat. She also urged parents to keep their children in rear-facing seats for as long as possible, considering that those are the safest types of restraining systems for small children. Unfortunately for the injured child’s mother, she learned these lessons the harsh way.

The accident exposed the 23-month-old child to life-threatening injuries, leaving him with severe brain damage and spinal cord injury. A second child was also involved in the accident. The three-year-old was injured, but the injuries were not life-threatening.

While this accident happened in another country, Americans have a lot to learn from this mother’s tragedy.

Allowing your child to stay in the rear-facing seat for as long as recommended can save your child’s life. Also, choosing the correct device for your child’s weight, height, and age will also help to save his or her life. But one of the most important steps, and one that is often ignored by parents, is the device’s installation. Most parents fail to install the devices correctly because many will ignore the device’s owner’s manual.

If you’re a parent and you’re concerned about the safety of your child, contact a local law enforcement department to learn more about open and free car safety seat checks. You may also ask whether they have certified car safety seat technicians who would be willing to teach you how to safely install your child’s car safety seat.

Before purchasing the seat, check your state’s laws to make sure you’re using the correct model for your child’s age and weight.

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