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After Tow Truck Driver’s Death, Families Urge Drivers To ‘Slow Down’

After three tow truck drivers were killed on Washington state roads in the last six months, a procession and tow truck caravan were carried out in honor of the victims, helping to raise awareness to our roads’ speeding problem. 

In order to honor the victims and help Washington tow truck drivers prevent similar accidents, family members combined their forces to urge drivers to slow down and move over whenever they see emergency personnel. Towing company owners also joined the procession, urging drivers to follow the slow-down, move over law, which states that drivers should slow down and move over whenever they spot law enforcement, road workers, Washington State Patrol (WSP) officers, or tow truck drivers working on the side of the freeway. 

Staying alert and respecting traffic laws will help drivers do their part in preventing deadly accidents. 

Latest Tow Truck Driver Victim: Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver

One of the tragic deaths reported in the past six months involving a tow truck driver took place on Interstate 5 near Milton last month. 

The victim was called to the scene to remove a disabled vehicle from the road but as he was about to hook up the box truck, a suspected drunk driver behind the wheel of a FedEX vehicle struck him.

Like many others, the victim knew the risks of working as a towing truck operator. And much like the others who lost their lives while on the job before him, this tow truck driver was doing all he could to keep the driver of the disabled vehicle safe. In order to honor the victims, family members are urging drivers across the state of Washington to slow down. 

If you’re a driver, we urge you to take responsibility for your vehicle and follow Washington state traffic laws. Slowing down and moving over whenever you see a vehicle stopped can prevent accidents

If you must pull over to the side of the road in order to call for help, remember to avoid leaving the vehicle until help arrives. 

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