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After Three Fires, Company Recalls Baby Monitors For Cars

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A series of products intended for the monitoring of babies are being recalled after fiery incidents were reported. The products were sold as Zooby Video baby monitors for cars and were produced by Infanttech.

Recalled Baby Monitors Pose Fire-Related Injury Risks To Infants

The recalled Zooby video baby monitors for cars are housed in plush animal toys of different shapes. These monitors come with batteries of the model number HJ554050 batch 2136 that can overheat while in use. If this occurs, the batteries will burst and expose occupants of the vehicle to fire hazards. At least 17,100 of these products were sold in the United States.

After learning of at least three fires involving the monitors, Infanttech launched the recall in order to protect consumers.

None of the fire incidents resulted in injuries, the firm stated.

Company Urges Consumers To Stop Using Recalled Monitor Batteries

To prevent fires and keep babies safe, the company is urging consumers to remove the batteries from the Zooby video baby monitors immediately. In order to do so, consumers must unscrew the battery door located at the bottom of the plush camera with a small screwdriver. The monitors will still work if plugged in and can be used safely in this manner. In order to obtain a free battery replacement, consumers are urged to contact Infanttech.

The company is reaching out to consumers to notify them about this recall directly, but if you own one of the monitors and the company does not contact you, reach out to check whether your monitor is impacted.

All recalled units come with batteries that show the 554050 model number and the 2136 production batch number. The Zooby brand name is also located on the bottom of the monitor.

Recalled monitors were sold online both at and between January 2022 and Mary 2023.

If you have children and worry about products designed for children that might have open recalls, you can visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website to search for open recalls by typing in the product’s name.

For more on this baby monitor recall and how to contact the manufacturer for more information, follow this link.

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