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After Thirty Crashes, GM Recalls Over One Million Pickup Trucks

General Motors launched a recall campaign that impacts over one million pickup trucks. The steering in these vehicles could suffer a malfunction, leading to accidents and injuries.

GM reported that after 30 crashes and two injuries, the truck owners should not ignore the campaign.

The recall, GM reported, covers at least 1.02 million vehicles. According to the automaker, the vehicles in this recall could experience a temporary loss of electric power steering. Since this could happen during turning maneuvers, it could become difficult for the driver to properly maneuver their truck. In this case, this could lead to an accident.

The recall impacts 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban, GMC 1500 pickups, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade SUVs.

While none of the accidents associated with this recall resulted in deaths, car owners should not delay in responding to this recall.

The company launched an investigation into this matter in June, and in August, after analyzing the reports of incidents and the results of several tests, the automaker decided to launch the recall.

Major Recalls Require Immediate Response

This recall campaign impacts over 1 million vehicles, making it a large campaign. As such, it puts thousands of drivers in danger. It’s important that drivers act accordingly so they are able to avoid accidents and stay safe. Unfortunately, the company may fail to contact all vehicle owners directly because drivers do not always update their information.

It’s important that car owners stay on top of recall news, either by reading the news or visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. And when you learn your vehicle poses a risk, heed the company’s recommendations to avoid accidents.

If you would like to learn more about this recall, you may follow this link. If you own one of the vehicles named in this recall, reach out to GM if the firm doesn’t notify you soon. Software fixes will be available entirely for free.

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