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After Speeding And Hit-And-Run, Federal Way Man Faces Charges

A man from Federal Way is in trouble with the law after he reportedly left the scene of a four-car accident on Interstate 5. The Federal Way crash happened this past Thursday evening, and the man was allegedly speeding before the crash.

Officials say that the the 46-year-old man was speeding while on I-5 and as he approached the northbound weigh station he crashed into the back of a Mini Cooper. Due to the impact, the Mini Copper crashed into a third car, which then collided with another vehicle. As the speeding motorist’s car caught on fire, he reportedly fled the scene.

The Mini Cooper driver, a 21-year-old from Kent, was unconscious due to the collision. Officials had to extricate her from the car. Emergency personnel later transferred her to a hospital for treatment. The other drivers did not suffer any injuries.

On Friday, officials were still looking for the man behind this crash. But now, the man is facing hit-and-run charges.

Thankfully, firefighters managed to contain the fire after the accident.

Speeding Is Never The Answer

Officials say the man from Federal Way was speeding before the accident. This shows that reckless driving never pays off. And while the accident did not result in any serious injuries, it caused a great deal of trauma and damage.

We hope that other drivers learn from this man’s mistakes, and that they also understand that leaving the scene of an accident is always wrong.

To avoid similar accidents, drivers must take certain precautions such as never drink and drive and strive to be responsible.

Speeding is never the right thing to do as it may lead to a loss of control over the vehicle that will translate into a crash. Also, following too close to vehicles ahead of you is dangerous.

When drivers follow others too closely, they are not able to stop their vehicles in time to avoid a collision if the traffic suddenly comes to a halt. The same happens when drivers are distracted.

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